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Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior

For almost four decades, our internationally renowned, peer-reviewed journal, Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, has enabled professionals to keep abreast of the latest research and examine approaches to life-threatening behaviors.  The journal employs biological, statistical, and sociological approaches to explore the full range of issues in suicidology.

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Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior
Current Issue Table of Contents (August, 2016)

Describing and Measuring the Pathway to Suicide Attempts: A Preliminary Study
Alexander J. Millner, Michael D. Lee and Matthew K. Nock

Characteristics of Telephone Crisis Hotline Callers with Suicidal Ideation in Japan
Yuh Ohtaki, Yuichi Oi, Shotaro Doki, Hidetoshi Kaneko, Kazuya Usami, Shinichiro Sasahara and Ichiyo Matsuzaki

Suicides around Major Public Holidays in South Korea
Kitae Sohn

An Examination of Potential Misclassification of Army Suicides: Results from the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers
Kenneth L. Cox, Matthew K. Nock, Quinn M. Biggs, Jennifer Bornemann, Lisa J. Colpe, Catherine L. Dempsey, Stephen G. Heeringa, James E. McCarroll, Tsz Hin Ng, Michael Schoenbaum, Robert J. Ursano, Bailey G. Zhang, David M. Benedek and On behalf of the Army STARRS Collaborators

Belongingness and Burdensomeness in Adolescents: Slovene Translation and Validation of the Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire
Tina Podlogar, Janina Ziberna, Vita Postuvan and David C. R. Kerr

Is There a Relationship between Suicidal Intent and Lethality in Deliberate Self-Poisoning?
Bergljot Gjelsvik, Fridtjof Heyerdahl, Jane Holmes, Daniel Lunn and Keith Hawton

Looking Back on Self-Poisoning: The Relationship between Depressed Mood and Reporting of Suicidal Intent in People Who Deliberately Self-Poison
Bergljot Gjelsvik, Fridtjof Heyerdahl, Jane Holmes, Daniel Lunn and Keith Hawton

Suicidality in Bipolar Disorder: The Role of Emotion-Triggered Impulsivity
Sheri L. Johnson, Charles S. Carver and Jordan A. Tharp

"I've Been a Long Time Leaving": The Role of Limited Skill Transferability in Increasing Suicide-Related Cognitions and Behavior in Veterinarians
Monique F. Crane, Jacqueline K. Phillips and Eyal Karin

Moving Beyond Self-Report: Implicit Associations about Death/Life Prospectively Predict Suicidal Behavior among Veterans
Sean M. Barnes, Nazanin H. Bahraini, Jeri E. Forster, Kelly A. Stearns-Yoder, Trisha A. Hostetter, Geoffrey Smith, Herbert T. Nagamoto and Matthew K. Nock

A Description of Suicides in the Army National Guard During 2007-2014 and Associated Risk Factors
James Griffith

Predictors and Outcomes of Psychiatric Hospitalization in Youth Presenting to the Emergency Department with Suicidality
Jennifer L. Hughes, Nicholas L. Anderson, Jessica L. Wiblin and Joan R. Asarnow

Positive and Negative Expectations of Hopelessness as Longitudinal Predictors of Depression, Suicidal Ideation, and Suicidal Behavior in High-Risk Adolescents
Adam G. Horwitz, Johnny Berona, Ewa K. Czyz, Carlos E. Yeguez and Cheryl A. King

Identification, Response, and Referral of Suicidal Youth Following Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
Cynthia J. Ewell Foster, Amanda N. Burnside, Patricia K. Smith, Anne C. Kramer, Allie Wills and Cheryl A. King

Is Cumulative Exposure to Suicide Attempts and Deaths a Risk Factor for Suicidal Behavior Among Firefighters? A Preliminary Study
Nathan A. Kimbrel, Michelle L. Pennington, Claire M. Cammarata, Frank Leto, Willizam J. Ostiguy and Suzy B. Gulliver



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