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Youth Warning Signs

Experts Release Consensus Derived List of Warning Signs for Youth Suicide
Click here to read the Press Release [PDF]

Visit for additional resources for how to respond to recognized risk.

NCPYS/AAS Resources

Fact Sheet about youth suicidal behavior
A fact sheet about youth suicidal behavior based on 2010 statistics.

Fact sheet about suicidal behavior among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth
A fact sheet about suicidal behavior among the LGBT community

AAS School Suicide Prevention Specialist Accreditation
For school psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses, and all others dedicated to or responsible for reducing the incidence of suicide and suicidal behaviors among today's school-age youth.


In this video created by the Mayo Clinic, teens describe common signs that a teen is considering suicide and provide encouragement for communicating directly and immediately for support and safety. It also includes suggestions for what to say to a teen who may be at risk for suicide and ways to keep them safe.

Reach out to prevent teen suicide. This positive music video, created by the Mayo Clinic, encourages troubled teens to communicate with an adult for help and support. It also depicts how teens can talk to adults in a variety of situations. 

Other Resources


Accredited Schools Online: Bullying Awareness Guidebook
This guidebook offers information on the cycle of bullying, and how to catch it. Another section for the different kinds of cyber and physical bullying, and signs to look out for. It also has a section dedicated to bullying prevention and how to help. Guide to Teen Mental Health: Advice for Kids and Parents in the Internet Age

CDC Injury Prevention & Control: Youth Suicide

Means Matter
The Means Matter web site promotes activities intended to reduce a suicidal person's access to lethal means of suicide.

Preventing Suicide: A Tool-Kit for High Schools
Assists high schools and school districts in designing and implementing strategies to prevent suicide and promote behavioral health. Includes tools to implement a multi-faceted suicide prevention program that responds to the needs and cultures of students.

The ReachOut website helps teens and young adults facing tough times and struggling with mental health issues. All content is written by teens and young adults, for teens and young adults.​

The Role of High School Mental Health Providers in Preventing Suicide
This information sheet is for mental health staff that the school has designated as being responsible for handling student mental health crisis.

The Role of High School Teachers in Preventing Suicide
An information sheet that helps teachers understand why suicide prevention fits their role as a teacher.

Safe and Effective Messaging for Suicide Prevention
This document offers evidence-based recommendations for creating safe and effective messages to raise public awareness that suicide is a serious and preventable public health problem.

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide
The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide promotes public awareness of teen suicide through educational training programs for teens, parents, and educators.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center: Online Library
The Suicide Prevention Resource Center's online library has many topics with resources.​

Suicide Prevention Resources for Parents/Guardians/Families
A list of websites and other online information that have prevention resources for parents, guardians, and other family members.

Suicide Prevention Resources for Teens
A list of websites with suicide prevention resources for teens - for those who may be at risk for suicide and those who have friends who may be at risk.

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